Welcome To Green Energy Industrial Solutions, Inc.

We are a corporation dedicated to achieving increased productivity and sustainability for our clients. By implementing customized, site-specific solutions designed to reduce energy waste, Green Energy I.S. also reduces energy costs and offers services to maximize the client-capitalization of government rebate and incentive programs.

By offering turnkey solutions from inception to completion, Green Energy I.S. ensures its customers receive the greatest utilization of their limited resources. This all begins with a survey team that assesses the current energy-loss and carbon footprint of your plant. Using the numbers obtained through the survey, as well as the needs and logistics of your plant, a customized solution is designed to meet your goals.

From there, the installation is completed quickly and painlessly. Through our parent company, Ship & Shore Environmental, Inc., we have a rich history of sheet metal design and fabrication dating back to 1974, and specifically, manufactured machinery for green energy solutions for the last twenty years. With countless traditional plant installations as well as multiple non-traditional, installations, our engineers and installers have completed the most challenging jobs with unparalleled results.

In addition, Green Energy I.S. goes far beyond the install; offering comprehensive site support, software solutions to ensure your plant is running optimally as well as taking care of everything to ensure your company takes full advantage of the complex government incentives and rebates available.

Green Energy Industrial Solutions, providing full-service and tested solutions to maximize productivity and sustainability.







We Deliver Green Solutions

Customized Engineering Solutions
  • Enhanced Heat Recovery Systems
  • High Efficiency Hot Water Boiler Systems
  • Heat Exchanger Applications
  • Lighting Efficiency and Retrofit Solutions
  • Solar Power Applications (Solar PV & Solar Thermal)
Energy Systems Project Management
  • Conducting Energy & Emissions Surveys
  • Assessment of potential solutions
  • Development of a comprehensive Green Energy Package
  • Calculate Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Determining applicable financial rebates and incentives
  • Implementing the project without any production down-time
  • Servicing and maintaining the system for entire life-cycle
Project Financing and Financial Opportunities